How to Upload TrainingPeaks workouts into TrainerRoad

Pulling a workout from Training Peaks is not hard, but it does take a few steps to set yourself up to do this with ease.

  1. Download the latest version of Adobe Air   (it should be free)
  2. Download the TrainerRoad Workout Creator
  3. Return to specific workout I have prescribed you in Training Peaks and download it by clicking on the arrow that is pointing into a blue box
  4. Choose .ERG and download the file.  The file will download where your files normally download (eg. Downloads, desktop etc)
  5. Open the TrainerRoad Workout Creator App
  6. Drag and drop the file you just downloaded into the black area on the left (the file name will be the date with the workout title)
  7. Hit OK
  8. You can edit the warm-up if you want more of a warmup and then hit Publish (very important that you hit publish or it will not show up in your TrainerRoad Library)
  9. Open your TrainerRoad app.
  10. Click on WORKOUTS (it will turn red)
  11. Click CUSTOM
  12. Click refresh (the circle with an arrow)
  13. You should now see the workout you just uploaded.
  14. Double Click and Load Workout just like would for stock TrainerRoad workout

Mobile Users: Complete steps 1-8 on a Desktop computer.  Open your App, go to custom workouts and you should see it.  You may have to swipe down to refresh.


Additional reference: https://support.trainerroad.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003204386-Workout-Creator

If you have any questions send me a note: natalie@highroadcoaching.com


Updated: May 2019