Mountain Bike & Cycling Coaching
Feel strong! Ride Better! Have Fun!

Whether you are a cyclist, mountain biker or both, we will create a comprehensive plan created especially for you, to give you the best opportunity to achieve your personal goals. Focused attention and tailored coaching is not just for professional athletes.  Arguably, it is amateurs and beginners who need it more. Goals are relative!  Whatever your goals are, I can help you get there.  

As a USA-Cycling and TrainingPeaks Coach, Personal Trainer, ACE Health Coach and an avid mountain biker/cyclist, I am able to work with you to create a unique and challenging plan that not only addresses your biking goals, but also how biking fits into the bigger picture of your life. 

I will quickly learn what you like and dislike about exercise/riding your bike, what equipment or facilities you do or don’t have access to and how much time you have to commit to your cycling and fitness goals.  Once we confirm it is safe you to start your training program,  If you get sick, or have a family commitment pop up, that is life,  send me a quick email or text and I will make adjustments on the fly.  Keep in mind for this to work, you still have to commit to doing the work. 🙂

The value of accountability coaching is clear, when you have invested in something,  you are more likely to do it. You will receive an interesting, varied, unique and challenging plan. Working with a coach takes the thinking out of it. You look at your plan and go!

Coaching is very custom, and to list all the opportunities and benefits on this page would not be possible. If you need someone in your corner to help motivate you, please reach out today and learn how it would work in your personal situation.  At a minimum, you can expect –

  • Custom Cycling/Fitness Plan based on your equipment, time, location, goals*
  • Quick responses via unlimited emails or text messages
  • Unlimited calendar/scheduling adjustments
  • Custom Strength Plan - Delivered in Triple Threat App
  • Unlimited encouragement, education, inspiration and support
  • Plan progress reviewed/updated weekly
  • Daily file review
  • On bike nutritional review/planning
  • TrainingPeaks Premium Upgrade
  • Weekly accountability goals - water consumption & sleep & stretching
  • TrainingPeaks Education (I want you to understand your numbers)
  • Technology Assistance (Zwift, Garmin, GPS, Smart watches etc)

A real-time customized coaching solution taking into account the following – how much time you can dedicate to exercise/riding your bike, what kind of exercise you prefer on a certain day, specificity of based on weather, equipment, family commitments, deviations from the plan due to sickness, unplanned absence, travel etc.


  • Cancel at any time*
  • Set-up fee $65

I have been racing mountain bikes either at the professional level or the expert level for the last 15+ years.  I am passionate about the benefits of cycling and mountain biking and would be thrilled to share my knowledge and expertise with you. I don’t believe being fast on a bike necessarily makes you a good coach.  Being a good coach is about connecting with your client, holding them accountable and navigating different variables to come up with a good sustainable plan. The value from working with a coach should be with you forever, invaluable tools that you can take with you!  If your coaches results are important to you, below are a couple of my notable results from the last decade:

  • 2019 USA Cycling Marathon Mountain Bike National Champion (Masters)
  • Leadville 100 (5th woman)
  • Breck Epic (1st Co-Ed Duo)
  • Bailey Hundo (2nd woman)
  • 24 Hour World Champs Australia – 13th woman
  • Breck 32 (1st woman)
  • Breck 68 (2nd woman)
  • Breck 100 (I can’t remember, I wanted to quit within the first hour –  but I didn’t, and that makes it notable to me.

Finally, as a coach I think it is perfectly acceptable to have the occasional stop for coffee and a scone!


Do I have to commit to a contract?

If at any point you are disappointed in our partnership or feel it has been a waste of your time or money I will gladly refund you the balance of the monthly term on pro-rated basis.

Do I have to use a web app?

I would prefer we use the web app, but if it is a barrier for your participation, please reach out to me, we can definitely talk about alternative solutions.

What equipment or toys do I need?

I am NOT in the business of spending my clients money. We will work with that you have. At a minimum I recommend a bike computer or smart watch which includes a Heart Rate Monitor. If you are interested in Power Meters or Smart Trainers, we can chat about the pros and cons of making an investment.

Oh Yes!