Fitness & Wellness Coaching
More than just personal training!

One-on-one customized coaching focused on YOU. This is not a one size fits all plan. On our monthly calls we will dig deep into what is working well, what could be improved and create strategies to truly make a meaningful imapact on how you live your life.

The value of accountability coaching is clear, when you have invested in something, you are more likely to do it. Your investment in me, in turn creates a commitment on my end to create an interesting, varied, unique and challenging plan. Working with a coach takes the thinking out of it. You simply look at your plan and go!

Fitness and Wellness coaching is very custom, and to list all the opportunities and benefits on this page would not be possible.  If you need someone in your corner to help motivate you, please reach out today and learn how it would work in your personal situation.  At a minimum, you can expect –

  • Monthly 45 minute video calls
  • Setting realistic and attainable movement and exercise goals (we do this together)
  • Strength Training Planning and Guidance
  • Nudge Accountability App - This will be customized to your goals and your results will be reviewed on on monthly calls
  • Unlimited encouragement, education, inspiration and support
  • Strategies to create sustainable healthy habits

A real-time customized coaching solution taking into account the following – how much time you can dedicate to exercise, what kind of exercise you prefer on a certain day, specificity based on weather, family commitments, deviations from the plan due to sickness, unplanned absence, travel, work etc.


  • Cancel at any time*
  • Set-up fee $65


Do I have to commit to a contract?

Oh definitely not! Whether you benefit from coaching on a permanent basis, or prefer a couple of months to get yourself on track, I am here. Your set-up fee is one time for life.

Do I have to use a web app?

I would prefer we use the web app, but if it is a barrier for your participation, please reach out to me, we can definitely talk about alternative solutions.