Can you visualize yourself writing an email like this back home to your family?
Statue of Virgin Mary on top of a hill above Santiago. Took a cable car to see it.

Dear Family

Just a quick update from South America! Our first destination was Santiago where we landed around midday. Were met by Chimu tour guide, Hugo, who took us to our hotel. We had half a day to wander around the area and to try some local cuisine, and the following day Hugo took us on a tour of the city. Obviously it has a big Spanish influence and the inner city areas – squares, monuments, parliament buildings etc were very impressive. Hugo who is tri-lingual was fantastic and gave us a great insight to the history of Chile. It is a much more progressive country than we imagined it would be. 

We then had to be up at 2AM the next morning for our flight here to La Paz, Bolivia. In South America, it is classed as an international flight as you hop from country to country and we had to be at the airport 3 hours before take off! So we arrived here yesterday pretty zonked. La Paz is something else – hard to describe really. 60% populated by the indigenous people and quite poor. In saying that, we are in a beautiful 5-star hotel, after driving through almost shanty type homes! The city is extremely hilly – many commute to work by cable car! Gonzalo is our tour guide here – also very fluent in English.

Susan, John and Dad are on a city tour as I write this. Unfortunately I was struck down with altitude sickness around midday yesterday – extreme headache and vomiting until after my shower this morning. The city is nearly 12000’ high and altitude sickness is quite common. Dad wasn’t great either but didn’t vomit and armed with anti-nausea medication and lots of water he ventured out with the others. Bruce & Pauline had been taking medication prescribed by their doctor which can help with the altitude sickness – I will definitely be doing that next time! I am feeling better but very lethargic and up to now  
 (1-20pm) have only eaten 3 sao biscuits. Would kill for some vegimite to put on them!!

Tomorrow we have another early start (only about 4 am this time 😳) and head to Cusco and then on to Machu Picchu. 

So far we have had very good wifi in our hotels but not sure whether this will be the case each destination. 

Will give another update in a few days time, and will probably put a few photos up on FB as well.

Love to you all

Mum (& Dad)
Mary (& Burt)


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The above email is an actual email written by a woman in her mid 60’s. This particular couple is not wealthy (they are both retired teachers), but they have identified travel and their health as priorities as they age.  High Road Coaching is not a travel agent, but can help you realize your travel and health goals.