Retirement Coaching
Make the most of your FUN years!

This is not your typical retirement coaching!  You have done all the hard work to make it to retirement. Saving money, planning, working.  You did it!  Now what?  It is common to feel lost or even bored when you first retire.  You have all this time on your hands but don’t seem use it, or you are not feeling fulfilled. Most people do better when accountable to someone, whether that be a boss, a bottom line, or a coach. If you are accountable to someone you are more likely to follow through daily and achieve your goals. In retirement, your goals should be based in health and happiness.

Retirement coaching with Natalie will look at YOUR goals.  You may not even know what they are yet, think traveling, volunteering, writing, reading, etc. Your goals are specific to you, and I will never send you a template mass produced plan. I don’t want to motivate the masses, I want to motivate YOU. Aligned with your life goals, we will also look at your current health and fitness and layout a daily exercise plan to ensure you are exercising and moving enough to reduce your risk of disease, slow down or manage the aging process, and best of all feel better.

  • Daily Exercise/Movement Goals
  • Strength Training Plan and Guidance
  • Quick responses via unlimited emails or text messages
  • Unlimited calendar/scheduling adjustments
  • Easy to us internet based calendar/app
  • Bi-Weekly 30 minute phone calls
  • Unlimited encouragement, education, inspiration and support
  • Strategies to create sustainable healthy habits
  • Current diet review and healthy eating strategies
  • Strategies to achieved short and long term goals (non exercise)

How does it work?

A real-time customized coaching solution considering the following – how much time you can dedicate to exercise, what kind of exercise you prefer on a certain day, specificity based on weather, family commitments, deviations from the plan due to sickness, unplanned absence, travel, other work, volunteer commitments, etc;

This is not a set and forget fitness plan. It will be interesting varied and challenging.  I will expect you to follow through on what we planned and we will use technology to track your daily calendar and progress.

A well-rounded retirement is more than just exercise! We will discuss your plans for the rest of your life and layout a plan as to how you will make it happen.  It will be the best type of homework you have ever done!

If you have any questions about how Retirement Coaching works, or specific requests or concerns, 99% of the time I can accommodate.  



  • Cancel at any time*
  • Set-up fee $45

Commit to 6

6 month package
  • Cancel at any time*
  • Set-up fee waived

Make an appointment

Schedule a free 20 minute phone call
This 20 minutes of personalized time will allow us to chat about your goals, and make sure are a good fit. You will never feel pressure. This is not a sales call. It is an opportunity for you to ask questions and me to do the same. If you prefer, you may also reach out via email.


Do I have to commit to a contract?

If at any point you are disappointed in our partnership or feel it has been a waste of your time or money I will gladly refund you the balance of the monthly term on pro-rated basis.

Do I have to use a web app?

I would prefer we use the web app, but if it is a barrier for your participation, please reach out to me, we can definitely talk about alternative solutions.