New Mum Fitness
Laziness isn't the problem, but priorities shift

Online New Mom/Mom-to-be coaching is a comprehensive plan created especially for you, to give you the best opportunity achieve your health and fitness while knowing your time and priorities are stretched. 

A fit, strong healthy body can undoubtedly help with the physical and mental challenges of being a mom.  The lifting, pushing, rushing around that comes with the job can be ‘slightly’ easier if you have prepared your body before and during pregnancy. As long as your doctor has no concerns about you exercising, with mindful planning there are very few things a pregnant woman can’t do. Exercising during your pregnancy can improve your sleep, boost energy levels and strengthen your core and pelvic floor, to prepare you for the effort of birth itself and help speed your recovery post birth.

New Moms
Early motherhood is not the time to ‘flog’ yourself, but small consistent challenges with continuous daily support will allow you to get back into a realistic and impactful routine. Exercise can help you lose ‘baby weight’, improve your posture, and correct stress incontinence, among many other benefits. 

There is never enough time (or sleep) and before you know it you may put on weight or make not so healthy eating choices, all in the name of putting your child first. You are not alone, but working with a coach will help identify when and how you can work out and still be the best Mom possible.

I will quickly learn what you like and dislike about exercise, what equipment or facilities you do or don’t have access to and how much time you have to commit to yourself and your health. Once we confirm it is safe you to start an exercise program, I will deliver your schedule to you every week. If you get sick, or have a sick child have a family commitment pop up, etc that is life, simply send me a quick email or text and I will make adjustments on the fly.

One-on-one customized coaching focused on you, and I will be in contact with you regularly, checking in to see how your workout went (and looking to see if you completed it).

The value of accountability coaching is clear, when you have invested in something, you are more likely to do it. Your investment in me, in turn creates a commitment on my end to create an interesting, varied, unique and challenging plan. Working with a coach takes the thinking out of it. You simply look at your plan and go!

Fitness and Wellness coaching is very custom, and to list all the opportunities and benefits on this page would not be possible.  If you need someone in your corner to help motivate you, please reach out today and learn how it would work in your personal situation.  At a minimum, you can expect –

  • Daily Exercise/Movement Goals
  • Quick responses via unlimited emails or text messages
  • Unlimited calendar/scheduling adjustments
  • Web based calendar/app
  • Unlimited encouragement, education, inspiration and support

A real-time customized coaching solution taking into account the following – how much time you can dedicate to exercise, what kind of exercise you prefer on a certain day, specificity based on weather, family commitments, deviations from the plan due to sickness, unplanned absence, travel, work etc.


  • Cancel at any time*
  • Set-up fee $45

Commit to 6

6 month package
  • Cancel at any time*
  • Set-up fee waived


Do I have to commit to a contract?

If at any point you are disappointed in our partnership or feel it has been a waste of your time or money I will gladly refund you the balance of the monthly term on pro-rated basis.

Do I have to use a web app?

I would prefer we use the web app, but if it is a barrier for your participation, please reach out to me, we can definitely talk about alternative solutions.