Busy Mom – Strength Training Plans

Strength Training is important!

3 Months of training and guidance for less than the cost of two personal training sessions.

Strength training should be a part of everyone’s health and fitness routine all year. Strength training is especially important for women .  The benefits of strength training include

  • Building or maintaining bone density.
  • Increase your free fast mass (burn more calories at rest)
  • Increase your bone density
  • Preventing injuries

Strength plans are created specially for busy Mom’s when TIME (or lack of) is key.Plans are delivered by an app that makes it easy to understand and follow.

Screenshot of App
You don’t have to have access to a gym or fancy equipment

There are 3 options (based on your own equipment)

  1. You have access to a gym
  2. You have have dumbbells + Exercise ball
  3. You have resistance bands + Exercise ball

The program is written for 3 days per week, roughly 30 minutes. If you only have time for 2 days per week as long as you do it consistently, you will still see significant benefits

Workouts will be loaded to your personal account.

The key to seeing strength gains is consistency over the next 3 months. All three days will be different, and you will see the workouts change as we progress through the 3 months. The default days will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can do it any three (or two) days of the week, just not two days in a row. The workouts will still open no matter what day it is. For example, if you are working out on a Tuesday, you can still click on Monday’s workout.  If you want to make your calendar custom to you, it is very easy to login on the desktop and move it. 

The workouts will be varied enough that you will not be bored, but you will also see consistency so can get into a routine and challenge your body to adapt and get stronger.

Plans are created to give you some clear structure, guidance and accountability. I am a Personal Trainer (NSCA.com) as well as a health coach (ACEFitness.org) and thrive of helping women make health and fitness a sustainable part of their lives.

The cost is $75 ($25 per month).  You also have full access to all the full functionality of the app.



I don't have any equipment and need advice on what to buy.

It is important to me that health and fitness is accessible to all people and most budgets. I am not affiliated with any equipment companies, but if you are looking for advice, please visit www.highroadcoaching.com/gearadvice

Do I have to use an App?

Yes and No! You will have to create an account and your workouts will be loaded into the App. BUT it is also very easy to print the workouts, and you can follow along on old-fashioned paper.

Do I need past experience with weight lifting?

No! You would be surprised with how much you can achieve with simple, controlled and purposeful moments.

What happens after the 3 months is over?

Good Question. I am an advocate for lifting year round. If you feel you have learned enough to continue on your way, GREAT. if you would like another 3 months program or sign up for more personalized coaching, please reach out.

I want to do this with my spouse (or friend), is there a discount?

I get it! Having the same hobbies as your parter is GREAT, but the expenses are doubled. If you are two or more people wanting to start the program, send me a note natalie@highroadcoaching.com

I am pregnant, can I use this plan?

Yes and No. You absolutely should exercise through your pregnancy, but there are certain exercises that pregnant women should not do. Send me an email letting me know where you are at in your pregnancy and we can set up a 3 month plan based on that time. natalie@highroadcoaching.com