Beti Bash Training Plan 2020

Beti Bike Bash Training Plan

Training Plan to get your ready for the Beti Bike Bash --- OR to just give you some fitness and structure to embrace for the summer of 2020!

The Beti Bash training plan is ideal for the beginner to intermediate athlete. The average time is between 4-7 hours per week. Heart Rate monitor is highly recommended.

Plan includes

  • Cycling workouts delivered via Training Peaks
  • Strength workokouts (delivered by easy to follow strength specific App)
  • General on bike nutrition advice
  • Friendly and relaxed environment to ask ANY question about riding or racing
  • Workouts can be done on road or mountain bikes (mostly)
  • General tips and tricks along the way
  • Cost: $187


Screenshot of App
Workouts will be loaded to your personal account.

The key to seeing fitness and strength gains is consistency.  You will LOVE this program because it will push you, but it will not take the FUN away from biking.

My coaching philosophy is structured yet flexible. This plan will NOT be 3 months of boring intervals (but there will be some). You can expect your fitness to grow, and your love for mountain biking will be increase even more. You can go further, see more!

The workouts will be varied enough that you will not be bored, but you will also see consistency so can get into a routine and challenge your body to adapt and get stronger.

Join the plan for $187


You don’t have to have access to a gym or fancy equipment

There are 3 options (based on your own equipment)

  1. You have access to a gym (if that becomes a thing again)
  2. You have dumbbells + Exercise ball
  3. You have resistance bands + Exercise ball

The strength portion of the  program is written for 2 days per week, roughly 30 minutes. If you have an extra 15 minutes you can also follow the ‘extra credit 15 minute weekend core strength’


I don't have any equipment and need advice on what to buy.

It is important to me that health and fitness is accessable to all people and most budgets. I am not affiliated with any equipment companies, but if you are looking for advice, please visit www.highroadcoaching.com/equipmentadvice

Do I have to use an App?

Yes and No! You will have to create an account and your workouts will be loaded into the App. BUT it is also very easy to print the workouts, and you can follow along on old-fashioned paper.

Do I need past experience with weight lifting or training?

No! This doesn’t mean the workouts will be ‘easy’ but you will have all the information you need to be successful. Always if you have questions I am here!

I don't live in Colorado, can I still do this plan?

Good Question. Simple answer — yes!

I want to do this a group of friends, is there a discount?

Definitely! Send me a note natalie@highroadcoaching.com. Groups of 4 or more get a 20% discount ($150)

I have a power meter, can I use it?

YES!!! I love athletes who have power meters and would be happy to convert the workouts to power based.

When does the program start?

Right NOW. Let’s do this. The sooner you start, the better, but we will be accepting people though June 30th.