Why I quit my corporate job and became a coach!

Early in 2015 my boss called us all into a meeting and told us he was planning to retire.  This was not particularly surprising to me, but it also awakened a slight panic inside me.  I really liked my boss, and I liked my job, but in that moment I realized I didn’t LOVE my job. I had been doing it quite successfully for almost 10 years, and if I am to be brutally honest I was not particularly challenged.  That being said, I also knew the grass was not greener, and I had a great work life balance that many aspire to have.

I was nearing the end of my 30’s and also realized I was becoming extremely experienced in one particular industry and I did not feel confident it would instantly transfer.  Was this a job I was happy to work in until I retire?  I realized the answer was quick NO, but what now??