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Venus Family I am so glad you found this page! Please visit often. The plan is to share tips, adventures ideas and bucket list rides. I would also love to answer any questions and if it makes sense to share the answer with the group, I will do that here also. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out! My email is natalie@highroadcoaching.com

If you have any interest in working with me 1:1, friends of Venus De Miles can choose to take 20% off your monthly fees or donate that discount back to Green House Scholars.

Options for custom coaching include:

There is no one size fits all plan, so please reach out and we can chat through the best solution for you!



Venus Corner
Blog for all things Venus, Fitness, Sisterhood and health.

How much exercise do I REALLY need?

What is the definition of a sedentary lifestyle? How much exercise do I REALLY need? Natalie Raborn, May 21, 2019 If you are living a sedentary lifestyle, it can dramatically impact your health.  What exactly is considered sedentary?  If you have not engaged in physical activity or exercise during the previous 30 days, you are living a...
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Why I quit my corporate job and became a coach!

Early in 2015 my boss called us all into a meeting and told us he was planning to retire.  This was not particularly surprising to me, but it also awakened a slight panic inside me.  I really liked my boss, and I liked my job, but in that moment I realized I didn’t LOVE my...
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About Natalie:

Natalie lives in beautiful Evergreen, Colorado and works with clients locally and remotely all over the world. 

Natalie’s passion is working with people of all ages and all abilities. Whether you are retired and have all the time in the world to pedal, or you have a full-time job and 3 kids, she will help you be ready for whatever you set your sights on.

Natalie has been racing at either at the professional or the expert level for the last 15+ years.  A good coach is about connecting with your client, making a clear and realistic plan and navigating different variables to come up because life happens. Being fast on a bike does not necessarily make you a good coach and vice versa.   If your coaches’ results are important to you, below are a couple of her notable results from the last decade:

  • 2019 USA Cycling Marathon Mountain Bike National Champion (Masters)
  • Leadville 100 (5th woman)
  • Breck Epic (1st Co-Ed Duo)
  • Bailey Hundo (2nd woman)
  • 24 Hour World Champs Australia – 13th woman
  • Breck 32 (1st woman)
  • Breck 68 (2nd woman)
  • Breck 100 (I can’t remember, I wanted to quit within the first hour –  but I didn’t, and that makes it notable to me.

Natalie has a Bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Denver, an MBA from Illinois State, is a certified Personal Trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA.COM), a Health Coach (ACEfitness.org) a USA-Cycling and TrainingPeaks Level 1 Coach



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